About Federico Suarez

Federico has the Tango running in his blood. Born in Buenos Aires, raised in Germany and now living in the Netherlands, Federico is an international citizen. He started dancing at the age of 16 and hasn’t stopped since. Besides Tango, Federico has danced and performed Ballroom, Latin, Breakdance and Hiphop.

He has been learning Tango from some of the most successful dancers of our time, among them Sebastian Arce, Sebastian Achaval, Roxana Suarez, Juan Martin Carrara, Estefania Colina, Fabian Peralta and Josephina Bermudez.

Federico has been teaching Tango in Leiden since 2015, together with Silvia Mezzasoma. They perform regularly together in national and international events. In the years 2017 and 2018, they reached the Semifinals at the UK European Tango Championship in the category Pista.

As a teacher, Federico is known for his humor, empathy and infinite patience. He guides his students so they truly understand the technique of the steps in his classes – while having lots of fun! He is always thriving to improve himself and helping others to do so.

As a dancer, his biggest strength is his strong musicality and rhythm, which he developed in more than 16 years of dancing to many kinds of music. He enjoys expressing the flow, energy and complex rhythms of the traditional orchestras in his Tango.

When he’s not dancing Tango, Federico spends his time communicating, doing voice overs or translations.


Silvia and Federico

They met in Summer 2015 in the Netherlands and soon decided to start teaching Argentine tango together.

Silvia and Federico make a great and very professional team in supporting and encouraging their students, individually and as a group, while always keeping them challenged and interested. Their work is characterized by a continuous research on the sources and principles of body movement. 

Federico Suarez