Tango Classes in Leiden

Our Tango Classes in Leiden take place at the first floor of the former basisschool “Springplank” in Sumatrastraat 195. Free parking is available on the private parking lot on the back side of the building which can be reached from Paramaribostraat.  From where you can enter directly into the building. Just follow the signs saying “Marabunta Tango” once you are inside!
The classes are every Monday and suitable for Beginners and Intermediate students.

After the classes, we offer a guided practica for everybody! Guests only pay 2 Euro, our students can attent for free!

Check here for general information about our classes!

Check here if you would like to contact us or ask for further information.


18:30-19:45 Beginners

19:45-21:00 Intermediate

21:00-22:30 Guided Practica


18:30-19:30 Ladystyling or Menstyling bi-weekly. Please check our calendar for the dates.

19:30-20:45 Advanced

Marabunta Tango
Sumatrastraat 195
2315 BD Leiden