Tango Classes in Leiden

Our Tango Classes in Leiden take place in Sumatrastraat 195. Free parking is available.
The classes are every Monday and Tuesday.

On Monday, we also offer a guided practica for everybody! Guests only pay 2 Euro, our students can attend for free.

Check here for general information about our classes.

Contact us for registration or information.


18:30-19:45 Beginners (0 – 1 year experience)

19:45-21:00 Intermediate (1 – 3 years experience)

21:00-22:30 Guided Practica (All levels)


18:30-19:30 Ladystyling or Menstyling bi-weekly (All levels).

19:30-20:45 Advanced (>3 years experience)

Marabunta Tango
Sumatrastraat 195
2315 BD Leiden