Silvia Mezzasoma

About Silvia Mezzasoma

Since she was 6, Silvia Mezzasoma has been working on body movements and expressions, competing for 10 years in rhythmic gymnastic, studying ballet, modern and contemporary dance for more than 20 years and performing in dance companies.

In 2006 she came to Argentine Tango almost by chance, but she immediately started an intensive learning path of the tango culture and its expressions, mostly fostered by her teacher Andrés Bezem (Buenos Aires) and by other big Argentine teachers like Alejandra Mantiñan, Sebastian Achaval, Roxana Suarez, Sebastian Arce, Juan Martin Carrara and Stefania Colina.

Her approach to Tango is marked by her dual character: on one side her logical mind set allows her a thorough understanding of the mechanic of movement, on the other hand her passionate nature brings her to deeply feel the intensity of the music, the energy of the tango embrace and the synergy with her partner.

Since 2009 Silvia has been teaching tango across Europe and performing in milongas, festivals, theatres and TV shows.

Silvia and Federico

Together, Silvia and Federico make a great and very professional team in supporting and encouraging their students, always keeping them challenged and interested, while making sure that nobody forgets to have lots of fun!

After taking their classes, you will become a confident dancer with a diverse toolbox of moves. To make this possible, Silvia and Federico strongly focus on teaching very solid technical basics. Posture, walking, embrace and musicality are the cornerstones of connecting with your partner and the music in a harmonic way and you will get a strong feel for each of them.

Their work is characterized by a continuous research on the sources and principles of body movement. Their Motto is that working on the details and clear communication is the key to a comfortable and well connected dance.