About Federico Suarez

Born on the 1st of October 1985 in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Federico Suarez moved to Germany with his mother at a very young age. At the age of 16, he started dedicating himself to Ballroom and Latin dances, Hiphop, Freestyle Dance and Breakdance.

His first contact with Tango Argentino he made at the age of 19 while visiting his father – a casual Tanguero who took him to one of his classes – in Buenos Aires. But it should take 7 more years until he finally decided to start taking Tango classes himself, at the school of Laura Cairo and Ulrich Avenarius in Munich. From that point, Federico Suarez, always a passionate dancer, finally felt having “arrived” at his destined dance.

In 2015, he moved to The Netherlands and started teaching Tango to beginners. Constantly striving to improve, he took workshops from excellent dancers, such as Pablo Fidanza and Julia Marini, Alberto Sendra and Fernanda Japas, Marco Gonzalez, Sebastian Arce, Edwin Espinosa and Alexa Yepes, Damian Rosenthal and Vanessa Fatauros, Lucas Molina Gazcon and Judith Somos and many more.

In 2016, he returned to Buenos Aires for the first time as a Tango dancer and spent some time with taking private lessons, teaching in the local schools and exploring the cities’ many milongas.

Federico, besides Tango, is very interested in movies, good food and videogames.
He speaks German, Spanish and English.
His favorite Tango is Comparsa Criolla from Ricardo Tanturi.