Tango in Leiden: New courses have started!

Spring is coming, so it is time to get in shape for Tango! Sign up now for our group classes and dont hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Neo Tango Workshop moved to Leiden!

Dear all,
because the Super Sundayz Salon has been cancelled due to technical problems, we will move the Workshop for coming Sunday to our Studio in Leiden. We still have some space left (max. 10 couples in total!), so make sure to register as soon as possible to reserve your spot!
Federico y Silvia

Tango in Leiden: Milonga Workshop and Performance at De la noche Milonga!

After more than one year, we are very excited to return to De la Noche Milonga. This time, it will be the last De la noche of the year with a Christmas special! We will give a milonga workshop and a show. Make sure to register for the workshop soon to reserve your spot. Check the facebook event for all the details. Looking forward to see you! Bailamos!

Tango in Rotterdam: Workshop Milonga at Milonga Mania

Dear all!

On Saturday, 18th November, we will give a workshop in milonga at the Milonga Mania in Rotterdam. We will work on some linear steps that can be used both in milonga lisa and milonga traspié. Level is for beginners and intermediates in milonga.

Make sure to check the facebook event for all the details and to write us an email to info@suarezmezzasomatango.com!

Looking forward to see you!

Federico y Silvia

Tango in Den Haag

Dear Students and Friends!

On Sunday, 29th October, we will give a Milonga workshop at the Decadance in Den Haag. Please see the links for the workshop and for the following salon on Facebook!

If you would like to come, please don’t forget to send us an email to info@suarezmezzasomatango.com.


Tango in Leiden: Refer a friend

Dear all!

Do you have friends/colleagues/clients who are interested in dancing Tango Argentino? Then bring them to our classes!

If you are already a student of ours and your friend(s) decide to sign up for a block of classes, you will save 20 Euro per person on your next block with us. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to know more.

The more, the merrier!


Silvia y Federico

Tango in Leiden: New block starts coming Monday!

Dear friends and dancers,

finally after the too long summer break we are picking up the courses again! Make sure to register in time to guarantee your spot. Especially for the beginners course, advanced course and menstyling classes there is still space!

Make sure to check our calendar to always know what is when. And follow us on Facebook for all the latest information!

Looking forward to see you in class.


Silvia y Federico

Tango in Leiden: Free Beginners Workshop, advanced workshop and performance at El Corazon

Dear students and friends,

as the summer break is coming to an end, we will give a beginners workshop and an advanced workshop on Sunday, 27th of August. The beginners workshop will be for free, so if you have any friends or family who might be interested in learning about Tango Argentino, make sure to bring them! Make sure to check our calendar for the details or see the facebook event!

In the evening, we will have a performance at El Corazon in Leiden.

Looking forward to see you!


Silvia y Federico

Summer classes schedule released!

For all of you who did not travel away for holidays, we offer a whole set of workshops for different levels. Please check our calendar to see the full overview!

As usual, if you are interested in taking any of the workshops or have any question, dont hesitate to drop us an email to info@suarezmezzasomatango.com.

Monday, 8th of May: New block of Tango classes starting in Leiden

On Monday, 8th of May, we will start our last blocks before the summer break for beginner and intermediate students in Leiden.

Please register by writing an email to info@suarezmezzasomatango.com.

Click here for further details. We are very much looking forward to see you!