Argentine Tango in Leiden

Federico Suarez & Silvia Mezzasoma

La Marabunta – Federico Suarez and Silvia Mezzasoma teaching Tango in Leiden

When we teach Argentine Tango, we help people create beautiful moments and human connections. As our world becomes increasingly digital and our interactions more virtual, we must find the physical space to express emotions and connect with ourselves and with others.

For a complete beginner this may sound cliché. But as your feel for Tango deepens, it increasingly becomes your medium for self-expression, passion and emotions. You no longer just hear the music but you experience it. You not only feel the nudges of your partner to lead or follow, but you experience their response to the music through their every move. And you find that once you tune in to your partner, you can co-create beautiful moments. Tango is then no longer a series of steps on a smooth floor. It is the illustration of who you are, in that moment, transformed through rhythm and melody into movement. This is the Tango connection.

We teach group classes, technique classes for men and women and private classes of Argentine Tango in Leiden, for all levels. See our lessons to find out which class suits you best.

We also give workshops, professional shows, entertainment for your event, team-building  and choreography.

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